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  • Product Name: Double Output Motor Pump

1、With the design of two-stage plunger,double output and the function of automatic high-low pressure conversion;

2、With small size,lightweight,and easy to carry;

3、Have large output flow, improves the rescue efficiency.

1、Supply power to support 2 sets of tools used in combination at the same time;
2、 Double hose-planar interface with the lock function and dust proof device, it’s easier and faster for plugging;
3、The huge hydraulic tank capacity can easily supply power for 2 sets of tools at long distance simultaneously,including heavy rescue equipment;
4、With large flow of high and low pressure, the action of connecting devices is fast and takes short time, improves the rescue efficiency;
5、Good performance on action, no movement on slippery cement ground when pump working;
6、With superior anti-rollover start and anti-skidding performance;
7、The working time can lasts for more than an hour;
8、The unique design of safety relief valve, not only makes the equipment has the lock function that can avoid misoperation, but also ensure that the equipment can runs safely and efficiently;
9、With high reliability, it can start continuously at the temperature of 30-55℃ and boost for hundreds of times.

Standard Accessories: 2 sets of 5m bicolor high pressure hoses
Optional accessories:

(1)According to the need,can order the high pressure hose within the length of 5-20m
(2)portable trolley
(3)hose reel.


Model No. BJQ-2-63/0.6-A
Pump  type 2-stage axial pump  
Number of tool connections 2
Number of tools working simultaneously 2
Coupling Dual / Single Coupling
Max working pressure 720 bar
Engine HONDA 4-stroke gasoline engine
Engine power 3 HP-2.2 kW
Rated engine speed 3200 ± 200 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 1 L
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 3 L
Flow rate high pressure 2 x 0.68 L/min
Flow rate low pressure 2 x 2.5 L/min
Working temperature range  -30℃~ 55℃  
Weight, ready for use 28.5 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 390 x 340 x 460 mm
EN 13204 classification MTO
International Standared  EN13204、NFPA1936


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