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  • Product Name: Battery Hydraulic Rescue Backpack EHK-5A

The tools is with electric pump as power, light weight, large force, high efficiency, simple single hand operation mode.

  • Backpack Battery Rescue Toolkit is powered by the battery pump, lightweight,strong force, high efficiency, single hand operation mode,can use tools flexibly in narrow places;
  • Battery hydraulic pump with two level pressure output,transforms pressure automatically based on the conversion of V out load;
  • The standard accessory is backpack, can piggy-back or carry by hand,high mobility,superior practicality;
  • As hydraulic power source, battery hydraulic pump carrying out rescue operations by matching up the other tools of the components;
  • The crowbar can pry up the nail and do other pry operation independently;
  • The bottom feet of edge lifting tool and piral groove of oil cylinder the door opening distance, the spiral groove can be screw off when in the need;
  • The separating tank of edge lifting tool with anti-skidding function,can detach the frame structure that is easy to skid;
  • The micro-cutter with small size, light weight, strong shearing force, can cut the 18mm diameter round steel (Q235);
  • The interfaces of the kit tools adopt single hose-planar coupling, planar sealing, with the lock function and dust-proof device.
Rescue backpack EHK-5A Standard supplied with:
--  Battery pump backpack # BJD-B  x 1 Set
--  Lithium batteries  x  2 PCs
    24VDC 4.0Ah,lithium-ion, 0.9kg
--  Battery charger  x 1 PC
    100-240 VAC, 50/60HZ, with LED charging indicator
--  Hydraulic Rescue Tool Backpack x 1 Set
    Door opener # GYKM-63-60/100-W x 1 PC
    Mini cutter # GYJQ-50/16-W3  x 1 PC
    Mini spreader # GYKZ-42/150-W x 1 PC
    Crowbar (Jimmry bar) # WB-A  / Waist axe # YF-A x 1 PC (Alternative)
--  Manual book in English  x 1 PC
--  Plywooden case  x 1 PC
Optional  (should order separately)
--  Hand pump B # BS63/0.8-B
--  Hydraulic rebar cutter # GYSD-63-14/28-A
--  Waterproof carrying case


Battery Hydraulic Rescue Backpack EHK-5A
Battery pump
Coupling: flat-face coupling
Working pressure: 720 bar
Battery engine:24VDC 550W @ 2500 rpm
Battery type:Lithium-ion battery x 2 PCs
Battery capacity:4.0 Ah
Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 0.2 L
Pump stage Conversion pressure: 50 bar
Oil flow rate:0.4 - 1.0 L/min
Hose length: 2 m
Pump control mode:1-button cable
Battery pump backpack weight : 10 kg
International Standared: EN13204
Door opener
# GYKM-63-60/100-W
Coupling: flat-face coupling
Max working pressure: 720 bar
Max.lifting force on saddle: 60 kN /6.1 Ton
Max.spreading force on toe / wedge: 50 kN / 5.1 Ton
Closed height: 210 mm
Plunger stroke: 90 mm
Mechanically lifting height: 90 mm
Max.lifting height on saddle: 300 mm
Max.spreading distance on toe: 230 mm
Max.spreading distance on wedge: 180 mm
Weight: 3.9 kg   
Dimensions: 210 x 135 x 75 mm
Single acting tool
Oil return by spring force
Mini cutter
# GYJQ-50/16-W3
Coupling: flat-face coupling
Working pressure: 720 bar
Max.blade opening distance: 35 mm
Cutting force: 230 kN / 23.4 Ton
Cutting capacity ( treated steel): φ16 mm
Cutting capacity ( untreated steel): φ20 mm
Weight: 3.9 kg
Dimensions: 295 x 195 x 55 mm
Single acting tool
Oil return by spring force
Mini spreader
# GYKZ-42/150-W
Coupling: flat-face coupling
Working pressure: 720 bar
Max.spreading distance: 152 mm
Spreading force: 42 kN / 4.3 Ton
Weight: 3.3 kg
Dimensions: 345 x 160 x 75 mm
Single acting tool
Oil return by spring force
Crowbar (Jimmry bar)
# WB-A 

Prying force: 1.5 Ton
Weight: 0.4 kg
Length: 310 mm
Waist axe (Optional)
# YF-A
Weight: 0.8 kg
Dimensions: 300 x 140 x 21 mm
With cutting claw
Designed for forcing doors and windows,prying and twisting hasps and locks,enlarging openings, metal cutting and chopping, nail pulling


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