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Battery Pump
Aolai battery pump EP-A is portable and high preformace power unit which is suitable for any rescue operation in any place. Battery pump has zero emission with no risk to rescue workers or victims, thus becomes the first choice hydraulic power unit in confined space like a tunnel or a collapsed building.
Battery pump shell is made of high quality engineering plastic,super durable and corrosion resistance. reduing the weight of the pump.
The high performance rechargeable lithium-ion battery guarantees extremely long running times, and can get full recharged in 2 hours.
Battery pump EP-A is also an "ALL-Weather" hydraulic pump. You can expect the same excellent performance wheeher in high temperture or freezing cold rescue scene.
Aolai battery pump EP-A creates very low noise, thus make less stressful for victims and improve communication at a rescue scene

(1)Double hose-single coupling, with lock function and dustproof equipment, can plug and play with pressure, easier and faster
(2)The battery with big volume can supply durable power for rescue tools
(3)Large flow with high-low pressure,fast connection with equipment, short time-consuming; improve rescue efficiency
(4)Unique safety-relief valve design makes the equipment not only have misoperation prevention lock function ,but also ensure it running safely and efficiently
(5)With the function of automatic high-low pressure conversion ,makes operation more convenient and speedy
(6)Equipped with imported motor in high performance makes it have superior performance and more powerful
(7)Adopt NSK bearing and dichtomatik seal ring  with superior quality
(8)Double hose-single coupling, with lock function and dustproof equipment, can plug and play with pressure, easier and faster;
(9)One-key operate, easily operated;
(10)Equipped with lamp ,makes it more convenient for night operation.
(11)LED indicator can show the stock of the battery timely;
(12)Compact body,easily carried, superior maneuverability.

Standard supplied with:
--  Battery pump # EP-A x 1 Set
--  5m hose (dual hose/Coaxial hose)  x 1 Set
--  Lithium batteries  x  2 PCs
    24VDC 4.0Ah, lithium-ion, 0.9kg
--  Battery charger  x 1 PC
    100-240 VAC, 50/60HZ, with LED charging indicator
--  Strap  x  1 PC
--  Manual book in English  x 1 PC
--  Carrying case  x 1 PC


Model No. EP-A
Pump  type 2-stage axial pump  
Number of tool connections 1
Number of tools working simultaneously 1
Coupling Dual / Single Coupling
Max working pressure 720 bar
Engine 24V-500W @ 2500 rpm battery
Battery type Lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity 4.0 AH
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 1 L
Flow rate high pressure 0.5 L/min
Flow rate low pressure 2.5 L/min
Working temperature range  -30℃~ 55℃  
Weight, ready for use 12 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 370 x 145 x 365 mm
EN 13204 classification STO
International Standared  EN13204、NFPA1936
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