Aolai Profile

With the mission of "Conquer the crisis, Benefit the world", Aolai Rescue Technology Co.,Ltd. has been developing and producing more than 100 kinds of hydraulic and firefighting equipment for industrial, fire rescue and special tactics applications.


Aolai Rescue products range includes: hydraulic power units, cutters, spreaders, Combi tools, Rams, Battery rescue tools, Manual breaking tools, Rescue support system, Tripods, Air lifting bags, Fire motorcycles, Firefighting robots, Water mist system, Rerailing system and so on. These excellent-quality products are designed based on the needs of users that enable you work safely, easily and efficiently.


Aolai production facilities are certified to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Our products have obtained recognized national and international certificates such as CE Certificate, EN 13204 etc. Ideal services including maintenance and training are provided by Aolai Rescue and our authorized dealers throughout the world in support of our quality products.


Once you choose Aolai, you can trust us for life.